Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Nature-inspired Gifts for Kids (Newborn to 5)

Finding high-quality eco-friendly and non-toxic gifts for babies and kids isn't as easy and straightforward as you'd think it should be. Sustainability is definitely a buzzword and a trend that continues to grow, which is great. With that said, it also means lots of companies are often overusing (if not misusing) the buzzwords, most of which aren't regulated, unlike specific certifications. Finding products for kids that are truly non-toxic and eco-friendly requires significant research. To help out with your gift selection, we came up with a few ideas of eco-friendly, non-toxic and nature-inspired products for little ones from newborn to 5 years old.

Gifts for Infants

When looking for baby gifts, it is especially important to look for non-toxic and safe options since babies do a lot of texture and taste exploring by mouthing toys and objects and teething plays a role too. Here are a few safe ideas for baby gifts. 

1. Cheengoo Organic Bamboo Fawn Baby Rattle: hand crocheted with 100% organic bamboo yarn.

2. Wooden Montessori Baby Rattle Teether - made in the USA from ethically sourced hard maple and birch, sealed with organic coconut oil and beeswax mix. It's a simple and classic Montessori rattle toy that is durable enough to be passed on from older to young children and will never go out of style. 

3. Grace & Graham Organic Cotton Security Blanket Lovey and Teether Set -both lovey and teether are made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton muslin; wooden teething ring is made from beech wood. 

4. BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft - ergonomic design for proper back and neck support; always made from OEKO-TEX materials (meeting strict safety standards)


5. Organic Long-sleeve Mushroom Onesie ("We Come in All Shapes and Sizes") - custom designed, made from 100% organic cotton. 

6. Organic Cotton Quilted Wearable Sleep Bag - handmade from 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Gifts for Toddlers (1 - 3 years old)

As babies grow into toddlers constantly on the move, there are a variety of toys to help them practice those newly acquired walking skills, and more sophisticated play skills. Kids this age continue to explore cause and effect, work on fine motor skills, begin imaginative play which gets more and more robust as they get closer and closer to preschool age. Some of the classic open-ended play toys to consider are nesting and stacking cups, wooden building blocks, shape puzzles, push toys, multi-activity centers, tricycle or balance bikes, etc. Here are a few of our favorite options. 

1. Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure Wooden Toddler Activity Center - lots of activity options to keep an active toddler engaged and focused while practicing their fine motor skills; has water-based non-toxic finish. 

2. Grimm's Large Stone Caves Nesting Wooden - carved from a single piece of sustainably harvested wood; finished with certified non-toxic water-based paint. A wonderful open-ended toy that kids can enjoy stacking various ways for quite a long time. 

3. Toddler Montessori Busy Board Bear - a toy that would help your toddler learn practical life skills while staying engaged, improving focus and fine motor skills. This is another option that your child will be interested in using for years to come. Made from sustainably produced eco plywood and is durable and high quality. 

4. Hape Block and Roll Wooden Toddler Push Cart - a great toy to help toddlers with balance and coordination, great for pretend play, refining fine motor skills through stacking blocks and more. Made solid wood and non-toxic finish for durability and peace of mind. 

5. Animal Alphabet Organic Toddler T-shirt - perfect eco-friendly non-toxic shirt for an animal-loving little one. We love the educational element of it. Kids can learn their ABCs and animal names while getting dressed. 

6. Organic Quilted Wearable Toddler Sleep Bag - made from organic cotton, parents can rest assured their little ones are not exposed to harmful toxins and are warm at night. Extra-large size is available for bigger kids. Also, works great for keeping kids safe in their cribs longer, preventing them from climbing out and accidently falling. 

 Gifts for Preschoolers (3 - 5)

1. All Seasons Kids 3 Story Wooden Dollhouse by Hape - classic high-quality solid wood dollhouse; comes fully furnished. It is finished with non-toxic water-based paint that's safe for little ones. Excellent gift for open-ended imaginative pretend play.  

2. ONCE KIDS Eco Bricks Wooden Block Set - made from FSC certified sustainable wood, this eco-friendly alternative to plastic blocks is biodegradable and safe. The blocks can even be painted as a way for kids to express their creativity even more. The bricks are compatible with the traditional plastic ones. 

3. Master Workbench by Hape - made from environmentally sustainable wood and non-toxic paint, this bench with tools is a great toy that helps kids improve fine motor skills, facilitates imaginative play and creativity, while also teaching important life skills. 

 4. Kinderfeets Waldorf Wooden Balance Board - this is a great toy for active preschoolers; helps improve balance and coordination; sustainably made from German beechwood using water-based finish. 

5. Nature is My Classroom Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle - great as a stocking stuffer, this eco-friendly and non-toxic water bottle will hold drinks hot for 24 hours and cold for 12 and is perfect for a nature-loving preschooler. 

6. Green Toys Ambulance Doctor Kit - made in USA from 100% recycled plastic and soy inks, this kit is eco-friendly, high quality and perfect for doctor pretend play. 

We hope this gift guide will help you during this holiday shopping season, as you look for safe, sustainably made, high quality and fun gifts for kids between newborn through preschool age. We'll be sure to add more gift ideas for little ones to continue expanding the selection of well-made, eco-friendly and non-toxic products for kids. 



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