Our Story and Philosophy


Nature Kids Co. is a mom owned Michigan based business on a mission to simplify product selection for families focused on a healthy way of life, seeking to raise their kids using natural products that are good for the kids with minimal footprint on the planet.


When our son was born, we had to invest countless hours into product research to find natural products that are non-toxic and sustainable. Through our store and educational content in the "Learn" section of our site we aim to save you the hours of research we had to invest in educating ourselves, so you can spend more time caring for your family. We are committed to making safe and functional products available to you in one place along with content and ideas for nature inspired parenting. We attempt to strike the right balance between natural and budget friendly to make natural parenting affordable to as many as possible.



What we believe in:

  • Products that are safe and non-toxic, made of eco-friendly and natural materials: good for our kids and equally good for our home - planet Earth

  • Quality and function: we won't try to sell you something that we don't view as essential or useful for raising your littles ones. Only products that are high quality, functional and durable make our product selection cut.

  • Nature and the great outdoors is the best classroom and source of entertainment for our children. 

  • Informed parenting: along with simplifying safe product selection for parents, we are equally focused on providing educational content that explains the "why" behind our product recommendations, helps you become more informed parents and advocates for your kids, provides ideas for play (aka learning and development) for your little ones, etc.



We are very appreciative of the support of other like-minded parents, wanting the best for their children and our planet!