The Best Organic Cotton and Natural Fiber Clothing for Kids: Eco-Friendly Picks for Every Budget

In a world where sustainability and eco-consciousness are increasingly valued, parents are turning to organic cotton and other natural fiber clothing options for their children. Not only are these materials gentle on sensitive skin, but they also promote a healthier planet for future generations. Whether you're looking for high-end brands or budget-friendly options, there's something for everyone in the world of eco-friendly and non-toxic children's clothing. It's been great to see so many new brands popping up as well as well-established brands, such as Gap and Carter's, adding more and more organic cotton children's clothing options. We believe it is much better to own fewer pieces of high-quality non-toxic clothing (especially for kids that outgrow them quickly), than have more. Well-made clothing will last longer likely through more than one child, and owning fewer eco-friendly options will result in much less waste when it's time for items to be disposed. 

Not convinced yet? Check out the benefits of kids' clothing made from organic cotton and other natural fibers and why it's worth the investment in this article

You may be wondering what to look for when shopping for clothing for your kids.

  1. Most importantly, prioritize children's clothes made from natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, wool. Best of all, look for options made from organically grown materials, such as organic cotton.
  2. Purchasing ALL organic clothing is very hard to do and can be costly. If you are looking to prioritize certain clothing items, our recommendation is to focus on clothes kids wear a lot, such as pajamas, socks, underwear, under shirts. 
  3. Look for reputable certifications, such as: 

- GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) - the highest standard certifying the product to be organic, and the end-to-end production process meeting strict requirements. 

- MADE SAFE -  verifies that products are free from a large variety of known toxic chemicals and made from safe ingredients. 

- OEKO-TEX - similar to MADE SAFE, the standard ensures products are made from safe ingredients and don't contain a variety of known toxins.

Here are some of our favorite easily accessible and budget-friendly picks: 

Burt's Bees Baby - Known for their organic cotton clothing, Burt's Bees Baby offers a wide range of stylish and sustainable options for kids. From soft rompers to cozy pajamas, their collections prioritize comfort and quality. Check out these gender-neutral footed zip-front pajamas made from organic cotton. They are great for lounging during the day as well as comfy and cozy to sleep in at night. 

Hanna Andersson - With a commitment to organic cotton and durable craftsmanship, Hanna Andersson's clothing is designed to last. Their timeless designs and vibrant colors make them a favorite among eco-conscious parents. They have great quality classic onesies made from organic cotton and lots of choices for pajamas and other comfy clothing. 

Little Planet by Carter's - With focus on sustainability and classic timeless design, this brand offers a variety of great choices made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Just look at this adorable unisex romper made from GOTS-certified organic cotton gauze. Little Planet has lot of other affordable cute options for children's basic clothing as well as clothing for special occasions. 

Touched by Nature - offers affordable organic cotton clothing for kids without compromising on quality. From basic tees to adorable dresses, like these ones, their budget-friendly options make it easy to dress your little ones sustainably.

Woolino - offers sleepwear and clothing made from Australian merino wool. It is on a pricier side, but their sleep sacks are fantastic - really well made and are excellent to ensure your baby is cozy and warm but not overly hot at night. Given their temperature regulating qualities and very well-made design and quality, we think they are worth the premium price and would be in good enough shape to be passed on to multiple children. Woolino does have basic kids clothing items, such as wool socks and wool onesies

Colored Organics - has a nice selection of basic day-to-day clothing for kids in neutral minimalist styles, such as this hoodie

And, of course, last but not least - check out our own selection of Nature Kids Co. kids' nature-inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts made from organic cotton. It is considerably harder to find clothing made from organic cotton for older children, but we have you covered with our selection for kids of all ages - from Newborn to 14 years old. We even have a few matching nature-inspired adult size options, also made from organic cotton. Our mom-owned small business would greatly appreciate your support. 

Bottom line, when it comes to organic cotton and natural fiber clothing for kids, there are plenty of options to choose from, especially for the youngest kids, regardless of your budget. Whether you opt for high-end brands or budget-friendly options, you can feel good knowing that you're making safe non-toxic choices for your little ones while making a positive impact on the planet.

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