Dreaming Healthy: Safest Organic Non-toxic Mattresses and Bedding for Kids

A Guide to Creating a Safe Non-toxic Sleep Environment for Your Kids

In the pursuit of providing the best for our children, one aspect that often goes overlooked is the quality of their sleep environment. Creating a haven of health and comfort for your little ones involves making mindful choices, starting with their bedding. In this article, we'll explore the world of healthy bedding for kids, focusing on organic mattresses, pillows, and bedding, and recommend some of the healthiest choices available in the marketplace.


The Importance of Healthy Bedding: Quality sleep is vital for a child's overall well-being and development. Choosing the right bedding is a key factor in promoting a healthy sleep environment. Conventional bedding often contains harmful chemicals and synthetic materials that can impact your child's health.


A typical mattress consists of four main parts: the core, padding, fire-resistant material, and a fabric cover. These components often contain potentially harmful chemicals. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in mattress covers for waterproofing, and polyurethane foam in the mattress core, both derived from petroleum. PVC, though widely used, is considered highly toxic, with chemicals known to leach into food, posing environmental threats and potential health risks such as cancer and asthma. Polyurethane foam, over time, breaks into small particles (Volatile Organic Compounds;or VOCs) that, if inhaled, can lead to health issues like asthma, skin irritations, or even cancer. Even mattresses labeled as "memory foam" are essentially another form of polyurethane foam, often containing a mix of soybean or castor oil with industrial chemicals that emit VOCs. The term "plant-based" foam is misleading, as it is primarily composed of polyurethane. Additionally, VOCs are released by solvent-based glue used to bind mattress layers.


Conventional pillows and bedding items such as sheets and duvet covers are also likely to contain many toxic chemicals such as VOCs and PFAS, especially in items marked as water or stain resistant, as research shows. Exposure to PFAS is associated to various health concerns, including cancers and high cholesterol. 

Switching to organic non-toxic bedding options ensures a safe and comfortable sleep space, free from toxins.


  • Organic Mattresses: Investing in an organic mattress is a cornerstone of creating a healthy sleep environment for your child. Look for options made from certified organic materials such as cotton, wool, or latex, which are free from harmful chemicals and flame retardants. Some of our top recommendations are included below. 

  • Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Kids' Mattress - out top pic among premium non-toxic mattresses for kids and adults alike. These sustainable and safe mattresses are 100% GOTS and Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions. Different sizes are available to suit your needs: from crib to king size. 

    The Ethical Mattress Co Organic Kids' Mattress - another small business creating high quality non-toxic mattresses, made in the USA. Multiple size options available - Twin, XL Twin, Full, Queen. 

  • Organic Pillows: Choosing the right pillow is essential for supporting your child's neck and spine as they sleep. Since many conventional pillow can leach toxic chemicals, organic pillows made from natural materials like organic cotton or wool are hypoallergenic and free from synthetic fillers are a much better choice. Consider brands like [Brand 3], offering a range of organic pillows specifically designed for children, ensuring a healthy and comfortable night's sleep.

    Naturepedic Organic Latex Pillow - made from organic cotton and natural latex, this is a great non-toxic option that provides excellent neck support and is incredibly comfortable. These pillows have been amazing for our family. 

    If you need a smaller size and more affordable pillow for your toddler, Woolino 100% wool toddler pillow is a great choice. This pillow is also OEKO-TEX certified. 

  • Organic Bedding Sets: Complete the organic sleep experience with bedding sets made from 100% organic cotton or bamboo. These materials are breathable, gentle on sensitive skin, and environmentally friendly. Check out this article with more information about why choose organic bedding for kids. The below brands offer a variety of stylish and organic bedding sets for kids, ensuring both comfort and sustainability. Take a look at these organic bedding sets and pick one that fits your child's nursery or kids' room style: 

    MakeMake Organics GOTS Certified Organic Twin Duvet Set with quite a few very cute neutral prints for kids with various interests. 

    Saturday Park GOTS and OEKO-TEX Certified Organic Cotton Bedding Set - available in a variety of prints with popular kids characters and themes, in many bold bright colors. This bedding set can be purchased in 3 different sizes: Twin, Full or Queen. 

    Honest Baby Organic Cotton Crib Sheet - a variety of neutral colors available to choose from. 

    Tips for Making the Switch:
    • Check Certifications: Look for certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OEKO-TEX and Greenguard when choosing organic mattresses and bedding to ensure the highest standards of organic production.
    • Do research first: check if the brand and the products you are considering purchasing for your little ones have been tested in any studies and if there are any results available. 
    • Read Reviews: Explore customer reviews on Amazon to get insights into the experiences of other parents who have chosen organic bedding for their kids.

    Conclusion: Investing in healthy bedding for your kids is a thoughtful choice that contributes to their overall well-being. By choosing organic and non-toxic mattresses, pillows, and bedding sets, you not only create a safe sleep environment but also support sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Explore the recommended options above to embark on a journey towards providing your little ones with the healthiest, safest, and most comfortable sleep they deserve. Sweet dreams await in their naturally cozy haven!

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